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This article will give general information on how government control Forex trading by their financial system in India. Moreover, it shows how a trader can chose a decent broker by listing specific points. It is important to learn about the forex account India if you want to know how to profit from forex.

Who monitor Forex account India?

In terms of the Indian financial industry regulation, the legal system for forex trading is separated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) basing on the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) from 1999. The RBI monitor and supervise Forex account in India. FEMA legally permits the Indian forex brokers. The Securities and Exchange Board (SEBI) monitors the Indian stock market.

forex account india

INR-based currency pairs are only authoritatively provided to GBP, JPY, EUR, and USD by the SEBI-regulated forex brokers. They include three main stock trading in India. Meanwhile, the rest of currency pairs must be blocked from exchanging in India until any official measure of Indian government took place.

The Indian government has to prevent the situation when the forex market is operated by Indian forex account in any cost. It’s because of a rise in financial racket including forex brokers. Currency pairs without the base currency or counter-currency in Indian rupee will be prohibited from exchanging in India.

However, a foreign-based broker can be used to create your account. Your down payment has to be paid by digital wallet involving Paypal, or Neteller, etc. Remember not to use bank transfer service at any Indian banks. Use Indian bank card to invest a forex account in India.

What a qualified brokerage be like?

Shortage of legal forex brokers in India will not be a barrier because you can always use online brokers from other countries. In short, a good brokerage will conclude 11 features: 

  • Supervises by a famous financial monitor
  • Wins renown by others forex traders
  • Let traders can freely choose any account to make a trade
  • Not require you to pay a higher deposit
  • Provides free access to any big and small foreign currency pairs or advantages
  • Offers highest influence ratio between trading policy and risk tolerance
  • Provides attractive dealing spreads
  • Offers protection in negative balances to clients through insurance
  • Keeps client investment in divided accounts
  • Prevents any rise in re-quotes and slippages
  • Provides ending and down payment options suit your demand
forex account india


All in all, having a forex account in India is unsafe particularly for citizens not knowing well how the country’s legal regulations on currency transactions. Any Indian citizens who would like to trade Indian rupee to EUR, JPY, GBP, USD are allowed to make a trade through SEB. It is a foreign brokers, who is in charge of regulating Indian stock exchanges.

You will commit a crime if using a forex account India from a foreign-based bank to invest a forex account and do trading in any INR excluded currency pairs. In case you still want to do that, a down payment to a foreign broker by digital wallet as Paypal or Neteller can be a solution.

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